Beginning on October 5th, the city of El Paso will be offering free flu shots.

The city of El Paso, the El Paso Fire Department, the El Paso Department of Public Health, and others are working together to provide the free shots. The details, according to our news partner, KVIA, are:

Flu shots will be available from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Saturday, starting Oct. 5, at 301 George Perry Blvd and at 7400 High Ridge Dr.

The shots are available to anyone who is 4 years old or older. You need to visit, click on the patient questionnaire button to print it and fill it out. The form must be turned in when getting your flu shot. No appointments are necessary. - KVIA

This is being done in the hopes of avoiding a new health crisis as El Paso area medical personnel and hospitals are still dealing with the COVID 19 pandemic. As cases have fallen in many areas, residents of those areas have become less cautious about things like hand washing, avoiding close contact with others, wearing masks, etc. That has caused more cases and, as people are forced indoors together by the winter weather, an even bigger surge in cases is expected.

Heads up folks, round two may be upon us. Whether you agree with these precautions or feel the entire pandemic is some kind of government plot, remember this: Wearing masks, washing your hands and avoiding large gatherings will certainly not do you any harm. These precautions won't sicken or kill you but, COVID and/or a serious case of the flu might. My advice ... not that I'm an expert or anything ... is to keep playing it safe and follow the real experts' advice.

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