It's always important to celebrate your heritage, especially with your fellow Chicanos! Tomorrow, Saturday, September 22 is when you can gather with others to celebrate Chicano Heritage.

This free event is set to take place tomorrow from 3 pm to 8 pm at 721 S. Ochoa which is in the heart of El Paso's Historic Segundo Barrio. There will be plenty of live musical performances by Las Guitarras De La Fe, the music of Baku, and headliners Canela Pura! It would be best to go on an empty stomach so you can try the variety of food items that will be out there. They're going to have gorditas, enchiladas, tacos al pastor, hot dogs, nachos, elote en vaso, and much more! As for beverages you can definitely enjoy a cold agua fresca out there to help stay fresh. The finest low riders will also be on site to admire or take pictures of. There will also be a children's fun zone that will feature loteria, arts, crafts, and more family entertainment.

Celebrate Chicano Heritage tomorrow and bring your family and friends!