915 BeerFest is just around the corner on March 16! It's a great, family friendly event where you can get some great food, enjoy some awesome music and taste some great craft beers from some of the areas best breweries! This year you won't want to miss out because it's FREE ADMISSION! If you're like me though, you may find a craft beer fest just a tad intimidating, which is why I recruited our good friends at Deadbeach Brewery to help me out.

I will honestly say that I don't drink beer. When I'm out, I like a nice, strong margarita on the rocks. So when the announcement of 915 Beer Fest came up, I was nervous to admit that I don't drink beer. Correction- I didn't drink beer.

Lisa and I called up our good friends Gabe and Justin at Deadbeach Brewery and asked them to give us a little lesson in craft beer. We'll call it; "Craft Beer 101." Craft beer can be a bit intimidating and it doesn't help that there's a stigma that only snobby guys like craft beer. I think our good friends Gabe and Justin did a great job at showing us that craft beer isn't intimidating- it's delicious and fun, especially when in good company.

I never thought it would happen but, I'm a craft beer drinker now. A big thank you to Gabe, Justin and all of Deadbeach Brewery for the hospitality. Be sure to join us for 915 BeerFest on March 16- again, it's FREE ADMISSION! And swing by Deadbeach Brewery where the beer is flowing and the food is delicious! See you at 915 BeerFest!

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