Tonight my favorite flick to pick for Freaky Friday is Queen of The Damned because of a few reasons! Everyone enjoys an occasional vampire movie that always keeps the room extra dark.

This bloodsucking movie will have you craving that red beer with Clamato beverage! This movie has you wondering what is going to happen next while getting spooked occasionally. Besides that, this has a great soundtrack that makes certain scenes that much better! Like some songs to name, "Change (In The House Of Flies)" and "Down With The Sickness" along with many other favorites. But this is the perfect choice for a vegging out movie night with your family or friends. Also, this flick has some features from Jonathan Davis that we can hopefully hear at the Downtown Street Festival! I like to switch off every other weekend from an old flick to new releases. I also don't really like watching scary movies in the dark or late night because I get scared easily. But this one isn't too bad if you're a weakling like me who can only take so much in horror movies.

Feel free to comment what your favorite fright night flick is when you kick back tonight at home!

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