It's not the first time a commercial has been denied from being played during the Super Bowl. HERE Huffington Post has an article about 20 banned Super Bowl commercials.

The interesting thing is, now with the Internet, it might almost benefit you to create a commercial that would be too risque to actually run during the Super Bowl. Chances of it getting shared on social media definitely increase because it won't be aired during the game.

There is one commercial that has already gotten the kibosh from Fox and will not be aired during the Super Bowl. It's a commercial for 84 Lumber that has a Mexican border wall in it. Here is the commercial.

Now if you think this is an anti-Trump ad, you'd be wrong. Maggie Hardy Magerko is 84 Lumber's president and owner, and she is a Trump supporter.

Now Fox hasn't nixed this ad altogether. It will still run, just without the wall.

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