A new policy at one of El Paso's largest gun ranges has angered many.

The Fort Bliss Rod and Gun Club recently announced that, effective Aug. 1:

All patrons entering the property of The Fort Bliss Rod & Gun Club must register their firearms with the Rod & Gun Club.

Gun owners typically see registration attempts as a precursor to confiscation so, a lot of FBRnGC patrons have stopped going to the range and many of their annual members are demanding refunds. Official ICE complaints about the new policy may be filed at this linkFor Borderland shooting enthusiasts who oppose rules like this, there are other shooting options.

In addition to the miles of open desert around El Paso, there are several other ranges. Some, like Tactical Ranch, also offer CHL and instruction courses. Other ranges include the El Paso Gun Club and Sportsmans Elite. Sportsmans Elite features a climate-controlled, indoor range.

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