New Mexico Governor Michelle Lynn Lujan Grisham recently outlawed the carrying of guns in Bernalillo County prompting the peaceful, yet heavily armed, protest.

The Gov's "public health order" calls for a 30-day suspension on open and concealed carry on public property.

The order has also sparked a number of lawsuits which are "piling up" according to this KRQE article.

Protestors gathered in Albuquerque's "Old Town" Sunday, fully and clearly armed, to speak out against Governor Grisham's order.

While peaceful and well behaved, they were also pretty vocal about the order and how they feel about it.

“This governor has overstepped her bounds, twice now, big time, with squashing our constitutional rights, and it’s time for it to stop,” said protester Jerry Morgan.

“We are a beacon of hope because we actually protect individual freedoms,” said protester Corine Rios.

Many protesters said they will continue to carry their firearms on them in Bernalillo County despite the public health order. -

Some ... including two New Mexico lawmakers, Rep. Stefani Lord and Rep. John Block ... are even proposing that Governor Grisham be impeached.

Representative Stefani Lord said that the order is a "gross overreach" as well as a clear violation of the United States constitution.

Photo, KOAT/YouTube
Photo, KOAT/YouTube

Bernalillo County Sheriff John Allen called the order unconstitutional, said it did nothing to curb gun violence and vowed NOT to enforce it.

Same for Albuquerque PD and New Mexico Attorney General Raúl Torrez said he won't prosecute violators of the order.

Law enforcement was on hand during Sundays protest but, as far as people being armed, no arrests were made.

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