The Morning Show recently had Steve Kaplowitz on the show and he gave us an interesting story that I just had to look up.

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Kappy was telling us about his favorite pizza places in the Borderland when he revealed that one of his favorites had shut down a while ago. But then, he briefly mentioned how the reason it got shut down was because the owner of the restaurant was accused of murdering his wife!

Forghedaboudit Southwest Italian

The location in question was called Forghedaboudit Southwest Italian in Las Cruces. Forghedaboudit was the Yacone family business- the Yacone's were originally from NYC and at their restaurant they served up some homemade Italian food and, according to Kappy, the best pizza in Las Cruces.

Sadly, the restaurant had to close down because as some, but not many, of you may know the owner, Bob Yacone, was accused of murdering his wife, and after a shootout with police, was taken to the hospital.

Getty Images
Getty Images

At the time of the incident, Buzz had written an article on it and I didn't even realize it! At that time, Yacone had survived his injuries. While Yacone was charged with the murder, the case never went any further because just two months later, Yacone died. There were no details given about his death.

But it looks like Yacone had a long history of violence, at the time of the shooting Buzz wrote this:

In the few short years, the Yacone’s have been in Las Cruces, they had become as well known for their controversies as they had for their culinary awards. Controversies that included loud arguments in front of clients, social media posts some found offensive, and repeated criminal complaints against Mr. Yacone.

While many miss the great food at Forghedaboudit, I have a feeling that this story of pizza and murder have the makings of a great true crime podcast series.

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