Not only do I find their product absolutely delicious, I like their attitude.

If you've spent more than an hour or two with me, you know Coors Light is my beverage of choice. Turns out the company is just as cool as the frost on their "blue mountains". They heard that many people are skipping traditional Valentine's day activities like buying chocolates and flowers and they're taking that idea a step farther. If you choose to adopt a dog for your sweetie, instead of the usual stuff, they'll help you do it. Yep. You save a fuzzy life, your special snookums gets a cuddly gift and you get $$.

Seriously, they'll pay you $100 to do it! Just be one of the first 1,000 humans to send in your new dogs adoption documents and Coors Light will send you back $100.  Easy but, you do need to move fast.

Texas residents, unfortunately, aren't eligible but; New Mexicans are! Read the complete rules here.