I know just the place for you ...

On top of recent concerts ... all free mind you ... by national acts (Drowning Pool, In This Moment, Buck Cherry) and tribute bands (Alice Cooper, Pink Floyd, Metallica) the  Socorro Entertainment Center is now bringing in midget wrestling!

Te MCW will be throwing down Saturday evening starting at 5 and, once again, they're FREE!

Wait!  There's more!

The midgets are IN the ring.  Out of the ring, there are a few other names coming out for this; "Desperado Joe" Gomez, Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart, Jimmy Hart, Koko B. Ware and Ric Flair for example!

Midget wrestling and a chance for you to meet a bunch of wrestling superstars, get autographs and take pictures ... with no admission charge!

There's more coming ... Jackyl and Blue October just to name a couple ... plus more tribute bands as well!

Don't forget to reset your clocks when you get home Saturday night, otherwise you'll be late for Sundays toy run!

Now, if we could just get a national band to play live while an all girl tribute band wrestles midgets ....... :)

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