I thought they would have kept Scenic Drive open for drivers who take that route. But come to my surprise Scenic Drive was closed off completely yesterday morning and afternoon. As I am approaching the entrance off Wheeling, I spotted a man parked in his car in front of the closed gate. After we received stricter rules last week, some people STILL didn't practice social distancing. Last Friday I took Scenic Drive to head home when I spotted people taking pictures and not utilizing social distance.

I figured they would put a halt just on Scenic Sundays but Scenic will be completely closed until further notice. They've decided to close Scenic Drive and other popular spots to prevent the spread of Covid-19. This morning as I drove closer to the entrance it's definitely closed-off to both vehicles and pedestrians. All I can say is I am bummed that my favorite route to work may be closed off completely. We could have probably saved the Scenic Drive commute if we practiced more social distancing.

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