Some people in El Paso haven't really been practicing social distancing lately. I witnessed a perfect example of it yesterday morning on Scenic Drive. I figured with everything going on people would avoid popular areas. One popular area people enjoy exercising is on Scenic Drive. Before everything came to a halt they would shut down Scenic Drive for pedestrians to walk or ride their bikes.

That community event is called Scenic Sundays. It blocks drivers from entering Scenic Drive so that people can stroll, run, or ride their bikes along that route. Since they released a stay at home order, this popular spot is closed until further notice. It shouldn't have even been closed off yesterday in the first place. But from here on out until things settle down, Scenic Drive will be open to drivers on Sunday mornings. If you spot someone trying to block drivers from entering you're asked to call the police. The non-emergency number is 915-832-4400.

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