What could be more impressive than scoring that many points?  Beating the team that scored that many points!!

A high school game in Wisconsin wound up generating an amazing number of points and setting a new state record!  Oconomowoc High (Say that three times real fast...) beat Wisconsin Lutheran School 84-82!  After scoring all those points, they still had eight minutes left in the game! (At the end of the first quarter, the score was only 8-7. That means they scored most of those points in approximately 37 minutes!)

The massive amount of points set a new state record, but the national record for most points scored is still MUCH higher.  It was set in 1926 when Haven High School in Kansas beat Sylvia High by the absolutely insane score of 256-0.  (Did anyone bother to tell Sylvia High that the game had begun??)  Obviously that was WAY before a bunch of boneheads came up with the "Mercy Rule" I wrote about last week!

Oconomowoc quarterback Canton Larson (son of former Green Bay Packer QB, Kurt Larson) said:

"It's obviously the best game I've ever been a part of." "It could have gone either way, and we happened to come out on top. I'm speechless, to be quite honest."

I would be to!!