No, it's not a bird, maybe a plane or something we're not allowed to talk about *cough* Aliens! El Pasoan's eyebrows raised after noticing something they couldn't make out in the sky. Just recently I found this footage from that night of what some of you witnessed in the sky! When I first saw this video, I assumed someone was just filming a light and zooming in and out. Then as my newsfeed on Facebook blew up with that same sighting I began to analyze. There has been a lot of talk since that night about what some of you encountered in the sky that evening. Something a lot of have been calling it is a rocket launch test, which some are thinking more extraterrestrial. Then some who were saying it was a meteor because of the flare it had. Curious what you think the flying object you saw in the sky was that evening. Down below are a list of choices of what that object in the sky could have been. Also, there is no shame if you truly feel you were witnessing an Extraterrestrial sighting. Hell, I was bummed I didn't even get to see it live in action. I know I would have been crossing my fingers hoping it would be E.T. Your vote will remain anonymous so feel free to choose aliens if you believe that is what you saw! Don't be shy and place your vote on what you think it was.

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