In the state of Texas, over 43% of households have dogs for pets; I fall in that 43% as I have 3 of them. Living in Texas, we love to eat all kinds of foods. And because so many families have dogs for pets, it's very important to know what your dog can and can NOT eat.


Here are common foods your dog CAN NOT eat

According to Petland Texas website, many of these food items are amongst the ones most likely to get your dog sick if ingested: avocadoes, chocolate, cooked bones, corn on the cob (raw or cooked corn is ok), raw fish, grapes/raisins, onions, chives, pits/seeds, processed foods, & xylitol (you find this most like in mints & chewing gum).

And let's not forget the food items we love to engorge on Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner
Stephanie Frey

There's a surprisingly amount of Thanksgiving dishes that you SHOULDN'T give like: turkey skin/bones, dressing, mashed potatoes, sage, garlic, nutmeg, mushrooms, & butter. Ham is ok but only in small amounts; according to Purina.

And of course... alcohol. I seriously don't think that one needs to be stated but it's worth saying again: DON'T give your dog ALOCHOL. You can have it (in moderation) but don't give your pet anything alcoholic.


Here are some foods your dog CAN eat:

Regarding Thanksgiving foods, you CAN give your dog turkey but only if it's unseasoned. You can give your dogs cranberries, sweet potatoes (with no butter), green beans, & pumpkins (cooked or canned only) so no pie.

Green beans with almonds

Other food items your dog CAN eat include: peanut butter, Greek yogurt, apples (just make sure there's not seeds), pasta, bread, watermelon, rice.

Spoon with Peanut Butter

Of course you should definitely stick to giving your dog actual dog food, but if you WERE going to give them something special, now you know what to feed them.

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