Forget to make your reservations to fly home for the holidays?  Short on money?  Hate flying with crying kids or weird seat mates?  Check this out!!

You could book a private jet and actually save money doing it vs. flying on commercial airlines.  For example, recent deals offered flights from New York to the Bahamas for $179 per person or Los Angeles to Cabo San Lucas for $124 per person.


According to an article at, they easily found flights on private jets for under $200. According to them,

"Last-minute deals or traveling as a group give you the best chance to get a good deal."

Websites offering these cheap, private jet deals include;,,, and among others.  Some charge an "initiation fee" but .. all in all .. it seems like there are some sweet deals out there!  If you're tired of long airport lines and hassles, check these out!!