The El Paso Children's Hospital has lost an amazing and integral member of their surgical staff.

Dr. David F. Jimenez, a prominent El Paso children's surgeon passed away May 25th, in his home, at the age of 69.

Over his career, Dr. Jimenez changed the lives of many people, mostly children, who suffered from craniosynostosis.

Dr. Jimenez developed a revolutionary, minimally invasive "endoscopic" procedure for the treatment of craniosynostosis as a member of the Cranial and Facia team at El Paso Children's Hospital..

Craniosynostosis is a congenital condition that can drastically affect normal brain and skull growth. You can learn more about Dr. Jimenez and his innovative approach to treating his patients here.

According to the obituary published by the El Paso Times:

Over his 30-year career, he touched the lives of thousands of patients and their families from around the world. As a talented and innovative educator, he trained and influenced the lives of many using these gifts, and his impact on the field of pediatric neurosurgery is profound. The lives of those fortunate enough to know him have been forever changed. - elpasotimes

An untold number of young children from not just El Paso but all around the world will enjoy healthy, happy, normal lives thanks to the work, studies and incredible, medical advancements of this man.

You can learn more about Dr. Jimenez here and here. The Facebook page for Dr. Jimenez is also still active. Visitation and funeral details can be found here

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