Sometimes El Paso likes to throw us a little surprise our way that gives us a chuckle from time to time. During the time it happens is when you can't help but get proof to always remember that day. The best source for hilarious surprises that happen in El Paso usually always can be found on The Real Fit Fam. Before we had the ever so popular social media account that's like a novela we would share our funny encounters in El Paso through our own social media. I found a disc in a disc holder that had a ton of pictures on it I had taken years ago and I mean back in 2012. Now as I am scrolling through pictures I came across one that took me way back and gave me a chuckle, again. I love going on a cruise around El Paso listening to music and just enjoy the view of our city from different angles.

In fact, a favorite route of mine then when I used to live in the Northeast and needed to get gas was taking the backroads to cruise it. I would take Magnetic Street to Hondo Pass then take the Gateway North Blvd. Instead of taking Magnetic Street, I went through some back streets and came across a funny sighting of what I like to believe was a prank. When I was approaching the stop sign I did more than just a legal stop and had to park my car to take a picture of that funny moment and sign. To this day I still don't know about the real story behind how or why someone decided to put a stop sign upside down.

There is always something someone encounters in El Paso that has you wonder sometimes. From the time I noticed some strange looking dark rays in the sky to the time an old familiar strip club transformed into a church over time. There is always something in El Paso that will have you chuckle or wonder but either way, both are fascinating at times.

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