I sometimes find it crazy when someone or something I once knew undergoes a major transformation. For example, someone you once remembered as a sinful character turns into the holiest person you didn't think existed in them. Well, I was scrolling through my friend's Facebook page and noticed some jaw-dropping news. The old adult entertainment club on the Eastside known as Lamplighter no longer exists. It has been closed for a long while now but the building still remains.

From Strip Club to Holy Church

Since the building could still be of some use it will no longer be labeled an adult entertainment club. Hearing the name Lamplighter may bring back either a lot of good or bad memories for you. I have one crazy memory with that place that reminded me of when desperate times called for desperate measures. If you're assuming I stripped for money no I didn't but was close to taking another job position there. The time my friends and I first stepped into Lamplighter was probably the day of when our innocence was lost.

The former adult entertainment club Lamplighter is no longer a running strip club. In fact, my friend who was driving by couldn't believe what the now shut down Lamplighter has been transformed into. He was so shocked by what he saw that he had to take a picture of it to share. Lamplighter's old building has been turned into a church now. That church is called Iglesia Familia El Paso which took over the building you remember it as Lamplighter. Seeing the old Lamplighter building now as a church kind of is amusing. I just can't help but wonder what church attendees will be thinking under that roof of what once was a strip club.

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