Just this past Friday the El Paso sky looked unusual on the Eastside of town. I had never seen anything unusual (like the photos below) in our sky before as I did last Friday. My son and I were making a stop at Starbucks for some drinks before he went away for the weekend with his dad. The weather seemed a little whacky and gloomy out East but I noticed the strangest darkness in the sky. I couldn't help but notice how there were different shades of color in the sky. I made sure to take some pictures of the sky before getting our drinks. My son and I pulled over in the parking lot of the Teddy's and just stared at the sky for a bit. Now, with everything going on in the world with Covid-19, mysterious seeds, and hate crimes my son thought it was the end of the world.

If you take a look at the pictures I captured of the El Paso sky below you will notice the difference. Now some of you may think it's a glare from my window and to inform you, it isn't a glare. I made sure to include some pictures showing my tinted window was rolled down. There was rectangular shape like strips of darker shades of blue from the sky touching down to the ground. It kind of reminded me of light beams just minus the bright light. I thought it was so strange how the El Paso sky looked last Friday and curious about what it was. Feel free to look at the pictures I took showing the difference in the sky below.

The El Paso Sky

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