2019 is coming to an end which means one thing to me... new year's eve party! I love new year's eve. Christmas is alright and whatnot, but new year's eve, that's my jam. We always have a party. Even if it doesn't start out as a party, it ends up as a party! Every year it's the same, we try to have a low-key evening and we end up ringing in the new year with a full house. It's my favorite.

What I enjoy most is that moment when counting down the final seconds of the old year and looking around and seeing all the people in my life who care enough to start off the new year by my side. You may have heard of these, you may do some of them in your house too, and if you haven't, allow me to share, and maybe if you're intrigued, try them out for yourself to ring in 2020!

  1. Red underwear for love
    According to traditions, and my mother, you should wear red underwear if you want a year full of love and passion. Wear yellow for happiness, for money and health wear green underwear and for hope and peace wear white underwear. Being single AF I should try the red this year.
  2. Walk your suitcase
    This one sounds funny but I'm going to assume it works. Every year my mom gets her rolling suitcase and walks it around the house, according to her it means you'll have a year full of travels. It must work because my mom goes to Vegas a lot. This is the year I try it!
  3. Sweeping the house
    This is one I do every year. Sweeping out all the dirt from the house. My mom says it helps sweep out all the negative energy. "Sweeping out the old" my mom says. A few days before new year's eve I like to go through the whole house and clean it just so that I can start the new year with new, clean good vibes- Marie Kondo style!
  4. Throwing out water
    We like to throw a bucket of water (usually it's the water that we used to mop the house) out the house at midnight. My mom says it's like throwing out the old year and welcoming the new one!
  5. Grapes at midnight
    At the stroke of midnight, after we give our hugs and kisses, we start eating twelve grapes. "Las doce uvas de la suerte" is what my dad called it. I never understood or questioned it, and I thought everyone did it until I had a friend over one year and he had no idea what we were doing! Upon further research I learned that the twelve grapes tradition originates in Spain and symbolize the twelve lucky months ahead.

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