Not long ago I read about a scary incident that happened in Northeast El Paso, Texas. I joined a local group that is called El Paso Mommies. The mission of this group is to offer advice and recommendations for mothers in El Paso.

One mother who moved her family here to El Paso from out of state had the ultimate scare of her life. That mother, Kimberly, shared her terrifying scare with other moms in El Paso.

She shared messages exchanged between her and her daughter Kaitlyn on the Facebook group page. Her daughter who is 18 was walking to the Sun Metro Northgate Transfer Center from home. The daughter was on her way to the bus station to meet her boyfriend to catch the bus together.

Kaitlyn decided she would walk to the bus station in the Northeast from home. During her walk, she encountered what either could have been a possible kidnapping or human trafficking situation.

A man in an older dark brown pick up truck kept trying to call her over. The man in the pick-up truck kept following Kaitlyn through most of her walk. Kaitlyn rushed to the bus station on Diana and jumped on the phone to call her boyfriend to inform him.

Once the man saw Kaitlyn get on her phone he immediately stopped and took off leaving her alone. Kimberly asked Kaitlyn if she got the plates or pictures of the truck and unfortunately, she didn't.

Of course, given the circumstances, you can understand why she didn't in the heat of the moment she was afraid and was rushing to get somewhere safe. Kimberly had her daughter place a report so El Paso police can start looking into it.

Kimberly gave KLAQ permission to use her screenshots in this photo gallery.

Kim and Kaitlyn's Texts

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