It's been an interesting time for the city of El Paso and the state of Texas. The battle between Judge Samaniego, Mayor Dee Margo, Attorney General Ken Paxton, and more has been national news because we're trying to figure out if a shutdown order is legal or not. Ken Paxton has chimed in on the situation, including filing a temporary injunction to halt Judge Samaniego's order. Paxton said of the order:

Judge Samaniego has no authority to flout Gov. Abbott’s executive orders by shutting down businesses in El Paso County. I am optimistic that the district court will recognize the unlawfulness of this action and quickly stop these orders from further oppressing the El Paso community.

Attorney General Paxton has bigger problems now. Like the FBI investigating him for using his office to benefit a wealthy donor. The claims by former members of his staff are pretty big, as they include bribery and abuse of office. Paxton denies he has done anything wrong and continues to deny those that are asking for his resignation.

The person that is the apparent beneficiary of Paxton's shady moves is Nate Paul, a developer in Austin. While the full scope of their relationship together is unknown, one of the main issues that has come to light is the allegation that Paxton hired lawyers to help out with the Paul's allegations that his home and office were improperly searched by the FBI last year. This isn't the first issue Paxton has had to deal with as he has continued to maintain his innocence in regards to unrelated security fraud charges. Those charges have been stalled in the courts years, as the continue to face multiple legal challenges.

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