C&G Entertainment, the group behind Sun City Carpool Cinema have announced that they will no longer show movies at the El Paso County Coliseum. For the past couple of months, Sun City Carpool Cinema have been showing some classics and favorites on two jumbo screens at the El Paso County Coliseum, unfortunately they've seen a decrease in attendance lately and have decided this was the best decision.

Making the announcement on Instagram, C&G Entertainment do say that everyone should "stay tuned for what's next" and thank El Paso for the support. In the comments, some pointed out that they were too expensive; a ticket cost $31 to $41 per car. C&G Entertainment did reply back expressing that showcasing movies isn't cheap when you factor in licensing, projectors, venues, staffing and marketing. Another complaint was that they didn't show new movies, but unfortunately only actual theaters get to premiere new movies.

In the past few weeks, Sun City Carpool Cinema had stepped up their game by including a live Queen tribute band before showing "Bohemian Rhapsody" and by also including live DJ sets from Adventure Club and El Paso's very own Johnny Kage. The live DJ sets got tons of praise, and in October, Hype or Die will also be performing at the Coliseum parking lot.

Drive in theaters saw a big boom during the pandemic, and for a while there, El Paso had a great few weeks of drive in movie showings that included the Plaza Classic Film Fest and Movies on the Fly hosted by Hangar 7 Studios. While it's sad to see Sun City Carpool Cinema go, it was nice to have something to do during this pandemic.

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