Exposing yourself sexually in public sometimes gains you negative exposure! One couple is looking at some serious trouble they started in Egypt. A YouTube photographer and his girlfriend decided to illegally hike to the top for a nude photo shoot. This so-called picture session took place on the summit of the Great Pyramid of Giza. I feel like the photographer is hiding some truth to his statement. He is stating that they went up there to do a nude photo shoot. But the evidence seems like it was more than just that. This story had me flashing back to the time that couple in El Paso was caught in the act on National television. Where the girlfriend was giving her dude a hand job at the football game. Not everyone is lucky and become famous after exposing their crazy sex adventure. I'm sure YOU have been with someone you can't keep your hands off and can't wait to get home. If you're the right here right now type, where was the craziest place you had sex and was busted for it? Let us know below!

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