If you spotted a shiny, onyx-colored 2018 Mercedez Benz GLS-Class then you were driving by a celebrity. If you realized you were driving right next to Khalid, would you wave hello?

Well, one lucky couple realized that they were driving right beside American-singer and songwriter Khalid. There are some people who panic and just look straight ahead and then there are those who get overly excited with anticipation to wave hello. It's cool that the overly excited  couple caught this cool unexpected moment on camera. The lucky couple goes by the names of Susie Figueroa in the passenger seat and her hubby Daniel Salas driving. Susie rolled her window down to wave hello to the gent and he sure did surprise her with his reaction! The couple went straight to publishing this starstruck moment on their Salas1013 channel.

So cool to see Khalid still remain humble and actually wave back to his fans on the road!

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