So are the words "crazy russian" redundant? It seems like the only time you hear about Russians are when they're doing something wild or insane! Like these guys, who posted on their livejournal page some photos and the story of their illegal climbing in Egypt. Apparently, you can get three years in prison if you're caught climbing the pyramids.

If you're against this kind of thing, the author of the post asks:

If you have a negative attitude towards this polazke, be so kind as to not waste your precious time to read this post, better go and treat your \ your wife \ husband, taxes, in short, do something useful.

The territory of the pyramids at Giza closed in 16 00-early, so early in the morning we decided to go there to study the area, the location of cameras, frequency bypass pyramids armed guard. Once you arrive at the metro to El giza, we got into a tuk tuk and went to the pyramids.

via Some Dude's Name I Can't Pronounce's livejournal

Have you even done something like this that could land you some prison time? You don't have to actually answer that, unless you want to. This is not a government sting operation or anything.

Check out more pics on this guy's page. There are some really good ones. See, the iPhone camera rocks!

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