Emily and I are back with a new episode of "What the Buzz". Entitled "You Are Never Going to Work Here Again" this episode is now available on Spotify! In  this new episode Emily and I reintroduce ourselves. It recently occurred to me that someone randomly clicking on our podcast wouldn't know who we are, so Emily and I take a moment to talk a bit about ourselves and our background in radio broadcasting.

After our introductions, we do a deep dive on what's been going on around the station. Emily and I are recovering from some burnout after spooky season. We had our annual Halloween parade, and lots of other events (and arguments) that we've worked on that have completely exhausted us. Also, a round of applause because we made it the ENTIRE spooky season with only ONE of us getting a new cat!

With the Halloween season ending that means that the Holiday season is already here. That also means that you're more likely to get the seasonal blues. While the holiday season makes many feel joy and warmth, for many others it brings up anxiety, stress and loneliness. It's all totally normal and you're not alone or weird. Emily and I may not be experts but we certainly know about feelings of anxiety, stress and loneliness, so we have some helpful tips on how to help you deal with your blues. Again, we're not experts, but we hope that hearing this podcast makes you feel a little less lonely and puts a smile on your face!

"What the Buzz" new episode is up now on Spotify. If you have questions or suggestions on what you want to hear next on the podcast send me a message on Instagram @JoannaBarbacoa.

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