Former Weezer bassist and painter Mikey Welsh is dead at the age of 40.  Police
say Welsh was found unresponsive in Chicago's Rafaello Hotel on Saturday
afternoon.  The staff reportedly went to check on him after he failed to check
out at the scheduled time.  According to Weezer's website, Welsh was in Chicago
to attend their RIOTfest show Sunday night.  The band explained that as sad as
it is to think about Mikey's death, he "would never want the rock stopped on his
account."  Authorities are still investigating a cause of death.

Welsh joined Weezer in 1998, but left in 2001 after a well-publicized nervous
breakdown.  In an online  statement, the band called Welsh's time with them
"vital, essential, wild and amazing," adding that Mikey was a "unique talent, a
deeply loving friend and father."  With Welsh, Weezer recorded its third album,
often dubbed the "Green Album."  It included the hits "Island in the Sun" and
"Hash Pipe."