When you need butter and you're in a Hispanic household you have to hunt for it. Believe me, I know first hand when I would need the butter at my grandpa's house. Sometimes I would make a game out of it when it came time to needing butter or vice versa. Of course, the majority of the time I would guess incorrectly and would place the leftovers in the plastic container towards the back of the fridge. This has always been a thing in Hispanic households for quite some time now. But it wasn't just butter containers that were used. Sometimes Hispanics have also used the Cool Whip containers too. I am not the only one familiar with Cool Whip containers since Comedian Jo Koy is too. Except for Jo Koy, his experience with a Cool Whip container was more of a punishment for him by his mother. He lost his original lunch box so his mom stored his lunch for school in a Cool Whip container.

Luckily, when I needed butter or wanted leftovers it didn't take me long to find what I was looking for. But sometimes for others, it takes them longer to find what it is they're looking for in the fridge. Simply because there are more butter containers for them to go through in the fridge. One time I raided my friend's fridge and opened up about 4 containers looking for the salsa. When I finally came across the salsa it reminded me of some memes I had seen online. Choose what kind of containers you use for leftovers in the poll below.

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