For a long time, people really didn't know who the woman was who played the Über-hot teacher in the Van Halen "Hot For Teacher" video. She dropped off the face of the earth, and people didn't know anything about her.

Who is this mysterious hottie?

Someone actually asked me about this the other day, and I thought I'd find out. Her name is Lillian Muller, and she was in her early 30's when she made the video, and she's in her 60's now. She's still an Über-babe, too.

Get this, she's never had a drink of alcohol in her life, and has never even seen the video she was in! She was also in Playboy in the 70's, and a Rod Stewart video for "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy". Obviously, we do. Check her out below, but see much better photos of her on her website.

Photo by Giulio Marcocchi/Getty Images