It’s Election Day once again, America, and that means 24 to 43 % or us will make decisions that will affect all of us for years to come. Our friend and frequent Morning Show contributor Eric Schwartz (aka, Smooth E., aka The Hanukah Homeboy) has released a new song reminding us of our electoral responsibilities as citizens of this great country.

The song is called “VOTE!” but there is a caveat attached. Sure, we SAY everyone should vote. But we don’t actually mean EVERYONE, do we? Who are we NOT talking about when we say “Everyone” should vote? Well, babies, just off the top of my head. These issues are just too complex for babies to handle. Also, the deceased. You definitely should not vote if you’re dead. It’s unscrupulous.

And, as the song tells us, you shouldn’t vote if you’re a Russian hacker. We know you guys had your fun a couple years ago but playtime is over. Serious, you guys…no more meddling in our elections! If you keep it up I’m sure our president is going to have some VERY harshly worded comments for YOUR president.

Ha! Ha! Just kidding! We know that’s never going to happen, right, comrades? Ah, it’s good that we can laugh about it now. But, seriously, don’t Russian hack our elections again, Russian hackers. I suppose Facebook is still the wild west, though.

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