That's right, episode two of Emily and Joanna's podcast "What the Buzz" is now available on SoundCloud! We took awhile to get back to our podcast but we had good reasoning. The week we missed out we were super busy! President Trump braved the violence and came to our city of the 915. As members of the media, Emily and I decided to attend his "Make America Great Again" Rally. The coverage kept us busy.

In this episode we cover what we witnessed at the MAGA rally (like Bricky the Border Wall!). We also talk about love. It was Valentine's day and Emily is recently engaged. Find out what a newly engaged couple did to celebrate Valentine's day- caution: it gets bloody!

I also get to vent out my frustrations as I continue running the board on the show. It was a harder week as I try to get Buzz to recognize my authority. That's right, what you hear on the show and what happens behind the scenes are two different things. Find out how all of us on the show get out of that funk. All you have to do is listen here.

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