Earlier this week, a man at a baseball game went viral and divided the entire internet when he dipped his hot dog in his beer!

As you can tell from the caption, a lot of people thought this was just plain gross. Others, though, thought it was innovative! As for me? Yeah, I would totally dunk my hot dog in beer- and I don't even drink beer!

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After a hilarious discussion on air, I decided to ask our followers what weird, or interesting food combos they enjoy.

We got some really great answers, and also, got some really good ideas that I would totally try.

Here are 20 weird, yet interesting food combos our followers like.

20 Weird Food Combos

So what did we learn here? That people have a wide range of tastes- and no judgement. What did we also learn? That when it comes to food, I would try anything once!

I'm more amazed at the amount of combinations people come up with when it comes to fries and Hot Cheetos. The fries and honey one really intrigued me and now I want to know- do the type of fries matter? Does it have to be McDonald's? Whataburger? Until next time foodies!

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