Congressional lapel pins have always been something given to the new class of Congressmen and women but finding a way to wear it can be hard for a female member. The new class of United States Congressmen and women are given their Congressional lapel pins to be worn while on Capitol Hill and are a way for people to distinguish them. The design of the Congressional pins change and the input by members of Congress are taken into account, according to Rep. Mark Foley. The pins are traditionally worn on the lapels of their suits, but many women can find this difficult if their attire doesn't have a lapel.  This could have been a problem for El paso Representative Veronica Escobar but she found a way to wear the pin that poeple online seem to like.

Twitter user Jessica Cohen recently commented on Escobar's Congressional pin after she saw the way the Congresswoman wore it on MSNBC's Morning Joe:

Escobar took her Congressional pin and instead of finding a way to put it on her dress (and possibly damaging the fabric) Escobar turned her pin into a necklace that she can wear with any outfit she dons on Capitol Hill. The result is a classy way for her to show her pride in being a member of Congress but also her own individual taste. Great job Congresswoman!

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