Remember when postcards were the souvenir you brought back from vacation? Or what others brought back to you after a vacation to thank you for bringing in their mail? They usually had a picture of a famous landscape in the town they visited with the phrase "wish you were here". Postcards were a hit.

Postcards have a wonderful way of giving you a sneak peek into a certain time and place. Over on the website, they have shared quite a few photos of real photo postcards, or, RPPC. According to the website, RPPC are a continuous-tone photographic image printed on postcard stock. The term recognizes a distinction between the real photo process and the lithographic or offset printing processes employed in the manufacture of most postcard images.

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Among the many that are shared on the article, El Paso comes up, in a wonderful RPPC, where you're definitely taken back to a different era of Downtown living in El Paso. Check it out below!

There's no precise date for this postcard but according to the El Paso History Alliance Facebook page, this would be El Paso in the 1960's looking west on San Antonio Ave.

At a glance you'll notice the Hotel Paso Del Norte- in all it's original glory. On the lower left I do recognize the JC Penney store, which has been vacant for a few years now. Next to is is Myron's, which, according to my mom, was a fashionable clothing store where my aunt used to work.

What a beautiful glimpse into El Paso history!

You Had to Be There: El Paso Edition



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