Ask 100 different parents what they think about virtual learning and you're likely to get 100 different answers. In my house we haven't had any issues yet. Which is a bit surprising because my daughter's bedroom is on the opposite side of the house as the modem and she has had connectivity issues with videos before. But so far, so good.

I understand that we have it easier than some though since we only have one child. Kendal Brown Jessup is a mother of 4, and she created a Facebook group earlier this month to hopeful garner some support for parents with this unprecedented school year. She was hoping to get around 200 parents in the group, as I'm writing this she has over 1,300 members in the group.

There is a goal for this page. She wants the schools to open, as the Facebook groups page is called 'Let School Bells Ring'. In the 'About' section on the page, it reads:

The EPISD School Board will be voting next month on when our children will return to school. Raise your voices and be heard. We can not wait for the 5% Covid positivity rate that the district is shooting for. We are at 12% and haven't been at 5% since April! Let school bells ring!
Update: We are down to 7.36% rolling 7-day average positivity rate.
On the page you see differing opinions about the virtual schooling. One parent said:
I have to say this is going so smooth... no technical difficulties and these teachers are awesome.
While Jessup herself said:
I would say the most horrifying thing I read yet in my group was a high school kid was on a call and his teacher switched to another tab and pornography popped up.
The only thing I can say about this is we need to find a better solution than what we have now. The teachers, parents, and everyone involved is doing the best they can, but we need to keep discussions open in order to be able to fine tune the system.

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