First of all, did you know that El Paso has a Funeral Museum? As a spooky loving gal, I feel like I should have known this existed! Located at 6111 S. Desert Boulevard, the Funeral Museum is "inspired by Perches Funeral Homes to enlighten and educate the community on one of man’s oldest cultures and rituals and to celebrate the traditions of the funeral service industry." While it sounds a bit macabre, it also sounds real intriguing. The museum has the same things as other museums do, exhibits, altars and memorabilia and a gift shop. The museum also hosts many events.

Past events at the museum include poetry readings with tributes to artists and poets like Edgar Allan Poe, hearse exhibits and car show and their upcoming event is one you shouldn't be caught dead missing. The El Paso Funeral Museum along with Perches Funeral Home, Royal Calaveritas and Tooth & Veil Oddities and Macabre Shop will be hosting "Saved by the Bell: A Strange History of Safety Coffins." Set for Saturday, September 14, the event is part of the museum's educational month and will be from noon until 6 P.M. The museum is expecting local artists, food trucks and vendors.

If you don't know the history of safety coffins, this sounds likes the perfect event for you to attend! You'll be able to peruse the local vendors and enjoy some great food while also learning! I actually only recently learned about safety coffins from a show I recently fell in love with, "Lore" on Amazon Prime Video. "Lore" is actually based on the super popular podcast of the same name. The very first episode deals with safety coffins.

As spooky season approaches, this event is perfect to set the mood! Make plans to attend the El Paso Funeral Museum's "Saved by the Bell: A Strange History of Safety Coffins." on Saturday, September 14th 12 P.M. at 6111 S. Desert Blvd.