El Paso's music scene has always been a blend of different cultures & musical backgrounds: Rock/Metal, Latin, Country, Hip Hop... but one genre that doesn't get exposed that much is Progressive Rock/Metal. Lately that's been changing & a new band has come onto the scene bringing their own blend of progressive metal sound to El Paso.

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Novanima (pronounced "no-vah-nee-muh") got their name from the Latin words "nova" & "anima" which when translated, means "new life". The progressive metal trio was founded back in 2005 by brothers Abraham & Gabriel Trujillo & Manuel Pedroza with roots in both El Paso & Juarez, Mexico. Their sound is hugely inspired by progressive bands like Pink Floyd, Periphery but they also love pop/synthwave bands like Frost* & The Midnight.

The band actually had to take some time off between 2019-mid 2020. All 3 members were working full time engineering jobs but decided to pursue careers in music. It was a pretty gutsy decision to make but in 2021, it's definitely starting to pay off. They started working with Adam Bentley from the band Arch Echo to start producing music together.

The band starting releasing singles back in April with the first being "Never Enough".

They would release 3 more singles until the final one "Light Up the Night" was released on August 6th, the same date their debut EP "Origins" was released.

You could hear Novanima on Q Connected, Sunday nights 10pm to midnight. If you're a local artist, you can submit YOUR music right HERE or send me an email at daniel.paulus@townsquaremedia.com

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