The weather has been heating up and people in the Borderland are looking for ways to keep cool in the sun. A great way to spend an afternoon or morning is to head down to Las Cruces to float the river with friends and family. You can bring a tube or a kayak and enjoy your time in the cool water of the Rio Grande. The water is being released this week so by this weekend there should be enough water in the river to float.

According to Southwest Expeditions, this is going to be a short river season due to the low snow melt and drought in our area but there still is enough water in the river for you to enjoy. If you don't own your own raft or tube, there are several companies in the area that rent out rafts for you to use for the day.

While the El Paso area isn't known for our water activities, there are still plenty of people who have already started heading out to the river for some fun in the sun over Memorial Day weekend.

Now that the river is flowing, I expect to see lots more people enjoying the Rio. It's been a few years, but maybe we can see the Great River Raft Race coming back. It's been about ten years since we had the race and post-pandemic, this may be just the activity we should be bringing back to El Paso. The only thing that will be missing is seeing Scott Ronson out there in his cargo pants directing people's rafts in the right direction.

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Orange River Access sign with blurry rafts behind

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