We've heard about a lot of things happening on stage in the last couple decades...the Justin Bieber attack being the most hysterical! Punch him again!

But last night in Moscow, the singer for deathcore band Emmure was electrocuted on stage! No, it wasn't part of the show, they didn't set it up as a shock tactic performance.

The stage wasn't grounded or something, and when he put his lips to the microphone...ZAAAAAAPPPPP! He does make a crazy pose as he goes down, which you can see in the video, but the funny part is the band just continuing on.

They eventually figure out that it's not just a dramatic shape thrown by the vocalist, and that he's actually down. He's okay, so we can laugh a little. He is a little pissed off, though, and who can blame him!

Beware of touching the mic when in foreign countries!


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