Seriously, he almost did!

Can you imagine?  First you find out you can sing and you form a band.  Then the band gets HUGE!  Then, you form another band.  And it gets HUGE!  Then, one of the hugest (yes, that's a word.) bands in the history of rock ... and also one of your all time favorites ... asks you to join them!!

That's how it almost went for Myles Kennedy!  The Alter Bridge and Slash frontman was asked to audition for Led Zeppelin.  Led F***ing Zeppelin!!

He told the story on a recent episode of That Metal Show.

“Believe me… those rehearsals I will remember to my dying day,” said Kennedy. “When we’re talking about this it seems completely ridiculous — there’s no way — but it did happen. We played ‘The Rain Song,’ which is probably my favorite Led Zeppelin song, ‘No Quarter,’ ‘Kashmir,’ it was a lot of fun.”

“But it wasn’t going to be ‘Led Zeppelin,’” he continued. “I don’t know if they knew what it was going to be. They just wanted to play, they wanted to jam, they wanted to put a project of some sort together. They weren’t sure what it was, but it was never going to be Led Zeppelin with a new singer, I mean, obviously.”

How cool is that?  Check out the episode bellow!


Alter Bridge Appear On That Metal Show [VIDEO]

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