Have trouble understanding your girl friends, wives, sisters, etc??  Be glad you don't have to deal with this girl!

Sara Maria Forsberg is a Finnish girl with a weird talent.  She can imitate any dialect.  She posted a youtube vid of herself going through a bunch of different languages (she can fluently speak 3 other languages.) and it went viral pretty quick.  Check it out and see if you can figure out which 3 languages she really speaks!

Now, Sara has turned her attention to music.  In the next vid, she and her amazing voice go through 14 different genres of music.  After high school, Sara graduated Chef School but her future plans are on hold now as she waits to see if this crazy vocal ability takes her somewhere.  Plans for a trip to the United States are in the works for possible appearances on Ellen or maybe Good Morning America.

From there, who knows what could happen? (Personally, I doubt it's going to involve cooking!)

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