By now you may have heard that on October 4th, every radio, TV and phone will receive a Nationwide Emergency Alert Test. It's not a real emergency, it's just a test.

At 2:20 PM EDT, we will all receive the same blaring sound of the emergency alert system. The test is scheduled to last approximately one minute. It will only go out once, there will be no repeats. We did it once in 2018- so, it's no big deal, right? Well, to some, it poses a real threat!

FEMA Tests New Presidential Alert System
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For Texans who are in a vulnerable position, especially victims of domestic abuse- this alert can lead to real danger. If you're lucky enough to never find yourself in this kind of situation, consider yourself blessed. For some Texans dealing with domestic abuse, that might have a hidden phone- this hidden device will also be receiving the nationwide emergency test.

So, what should victims of abuse do with their hidden device when the nationwide emergency alert goes out?

Experts say that while phones do have the option to opt out of emergency alerts, this nationwide test cannot be silenced, so they advise to turn the phone off completely or give it to a friend for safe keeping!

If you or someone you know is in a vulnerable position, now is the time to make a plan before the alert goes out; turn off the device or give it to someone you trust. Social media is doing a great job of alerting people- but you can never be too prepared. Stay safe.


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