We recently learned what the most common sexual fantasy is for the state of Texas, and from that survey comes this new survey- that may give you secondhand embarrassment.

It happens to everyone, sooner or later you're going to have an embarrassing moment in between the sheets! It can be as small as accidentally letting out a toot, or it could be something bigger! At the moment it may feel like you'll never live it down- but eventually some time may pass and you'll eventually move on from it.

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Take it from these good people who were brave enough to tell everyone what their most embarrassing sexual oopsie was!

Womanizer Toys via Unsplash
Womanizer Toys via Unsplash

Flourish, a company that helps companies turn their data into stunning charts, maps and interactive stories- asked Americans what their most embarrassing sexual mishap was and, strangely enough, people answered it! Think of it like the Whisper app, where many share their inner most secrets anonymously. Here are 23 brave confessions on embarrassing sexual mishaps- scroll through them and you may get secondhand embarrassment!


Yikes! I'm sure many people all across can relate to at least one of them, and see? They lived to tell it!

A majority of them seemed like some you'll see in movies or TV shows, so it's good to know that they can happen in real life.

When a sexual oopsie happens, if you're partner is cool, for the most part, you can just laugh it off and continue about your day. If they can't be cool about it, then maybe it's time to find someone else.

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