One adult video store in Texas is having some fun after PornHub, and several other adult sites, decided to suspend their site in the state of Texas.

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Gone are the days where you can look up the 'Hub on your phone and that means it's  time to go old school for many in Texas. Although, as I have heard, there are lots of ways around this. However, I think I like the approach that one store in El Paso is taking!

Adult Video Warehouse in El Paso, Texas is taking advantage of the ban and offering specials! So, it looks like at least there's someone out there happy with this.


At least someone is enjoying the pornhub ban
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That's pretty clever, if I do say so myself.

Many on Reddit thought the same; with some actually speculating that "Big DVD" was behind this ban all along!

Now, I don't claim to be an expert but, three DVD's for $19 seems like a steal! And it's probably a bit easier than trying to surf the web secretly with a VPN.

I think the only issue here would be, where the hell would you find a DVD player?!

DVD player
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Some in the comments section suggested that perhaps an old PlayStation could also work- with some even offering to sell theirs to the highest bidder!

Who knew that in this day an age, some would have to search their homes and dust off an old DVD player just to see some action? Props to Adult Video Warehouse, located at 8760 Gateway Blvd. East, for giving some a shimmer of hope.

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