Everyone's first confession is usually the hardest when it is your first time. My son will be doing his First Communion this weekend and already did his first confession. I started thinking about a few dirty confessions that I have of my own as a parent. If you're a parent then you must have some confessions of your own too. Below I listed three confessions that some parents may or may not get a kick out of. My son's 8 years old and believes I would let a manager get on his case about his behavior, see monsters if he sips on beer, and that I (mommy) doesn't eat any candy. As a parent, we always want what is best for our children so a few little white lies won't hurt. Now the day he discovers all this was bulls**t will be the day I will have some explaining to do. If you have your own confessions take the poll below!

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    Confession #1

    One rule that continues to work on my son is pretending to call a manager over if he misbehaves. I will pretend to call or wave a manager over so my son behaves correctly. Usually when I pretend he is quick to change his behavior from bad to good.

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    Confession #2

    If you've grown up in a Hispanic household you tried beer for the first time at age 5. I thought of the perfect way to keep my son from having anymore sips in the future. I told him he would see a lot of cucuys (monsters) if he drank any more beer. Thankfully, I haven't heard about him trying or asking to sip from Grandpa's beer.

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    Confession #3

    As a parent, you always have your own personal stash of candy. It's hard to make your stash last when you're always having to share. Confession number 3 involves me hiding my stash of candies inside a tampon box. The only person who will look in a tampon box is another woman so my stash is safe.