I love nachos, so it should come as no surprise that I love the nachos from The Tap in Downtown El Paso.

I'm not the only one, lots of El Pasoans agree, and so does Vice, who wrote this article on everyone's love for The Tap's nachos. Now, it looks like TikTok is getting in on the deliciousness.

I knew that when I stumbled on this video of TikTok creator @CozyCravings and her recipe for "refried bean nachos" that they looked a little too familiar.

Could this be the same way that The Tap makes their famous nachos? I don't know; what I do know is that when I try to recreate them at home they do not come out the same! I do have to admit, this recipe does look pretty tasty.

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Nachos can be made in many different ways, sometimes gas station nachos hit the spot; but The Tap's nachos just hit differently- and we all know that they are not complete unless you add a little shredded meat and their amazing salsa to them!

Do these TikTok creators know that they are on the brink of discovering the best nachos ever? Probably not, but there's a reason that The Tap is known best for these nachos!

Back in 2015, Yahoo came up with a list of the 21 Best Nachos In America. They aren't numbered, but if they were, we all know The Tap would be #1 on their list. This is what Yahoo had to say about The Tap:

Not only is Tap Bar & Restaurant a glorious dive-bar paragon, replete with ‘90s memorabilia (and no jukebox, because that would be inauthentic), but it’s also got a ridiculous plate of nachos. They are made fresh in the bar’s kitchen, generously covered in white queso and spicy house-salsa, and are the ideal pairing for any of the $2 drafts they’ve got lined up.

The Tap is located at 408 East San Antonio Street in Downtown El Paso. Forget the TikTok video and go check them out and have some of America's Best Nachos! You can see the rest of Yahoo's list here.

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