If you always welcome quick mini road trips then this is one you and the kids will enjoy. There aren't a lot of avid hikers so one woman shared a beautiful serene spot that isn't far away. So if you have little ones that aren't up for hiking this road trip won't be a problem.

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Plus, this destination is only one hour and a half away from the Northeast of El Paso. If you've never been to Tularosa Creek before you will want to go after seeing this video. Alison Stanley knows tired moms exist and how easily kids can become tired quickly.

She shared this sweet area known as Tularosa Creek that is located in Otero County. This creek in New Mexico sure does look heavenly and seems like a peaceful place. This spot would be great to visit for either enjoying some alone time or just be one with nature.

But you can safely assume the kids would also enjoy it because of the fun they can have under the sun in the water. Alison Stanley shared the twenty-second video of her family's picnic spot near Tularosa Creek. Even a part of her video that is eleven seconds in shows a cow standing at a distance by the creek.

Also, the path she took clearly doesn't call for an offroad vehicle since her car was able to make it out. A lot of us like to visit new places to scope them out and decide whether to continue visitations or keep it as a one-time visit deal. If you've been hunting for a new spot to take the family, Tularosa Creek should be on your list of places to visit. Also, if you have some making up to do, take that person to Tularosa Creek and all dues should be paid in full. Just saying. Hopefully, this El Paso mommy's road trip tip gave you a new adventure to seek that's only 105 miles away.

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