Have you ever been cruising through El Paso and caught yourself having to inch into the oncoming traffic because there's a damn bush in your way and you can't see? You aren't the only one. Someone over on Reddit recently vented about the bushes that are on the medians here in El Paso. B-Boi-Burger-Boi made this post:

Am I the only one that constantly feels like I’m going to get hit on El Paso roads because the bushes are poorly designed? It feels like everywhere I drive I can’t see on coming traffic because of bushes or trees blocking my view on turns. It doesn’t help that the roads are already poorly designed in the first place! Just ranting and want to see if anyone else agrees.

This person certainly wasn't alone. Moonman518 responded with:

Yep, it's extremely annoying. It's like "hey enjoy these nice wide roads, but have fun making every turn completely blind!" Travelling to other cities you can tell there is a thought process that goes into it. Tall skinny trees or low lying bushes around roads. El Paso? Fat shrubs. Fat shrubs everywhere.

Was just thinking of the same thing about 2 hrs ago.

And CMDR-Lancer commented:

Been like that for years! If its blocking the view of traffic and you contact the city they will cut it or remove it.

Now you might be wondering. What's the point of just sitting online and complaining about something. Well, sometimes you get solutions to your problems. BEQG said:

Call 311 and make a report and they will send someone to cut them off or trim them

Of course, that's depending on the city being on top of this and getting the job done quickly. If anyone has tried this, please, let us know. Email me at brandon@buzzadamsshow.com

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